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My first band in vk was Dir en grey (like you see in my second post).

After Dir en grey I searched for more artists. And the second artist I found was The GazettE. In the beginning I didn’t like them but after some time I start listening to it. And it sound pretty good!

Now is my favorite artist Uruha. Uruha is the guitarist of The GazettE. I even got my hair like him!

The first song of the GazettE I downloaded was chizuru. It’s also my first jrock song I could play on my guitar.

I’ve also watched a few of their shows on youtube. Pretty amazing how good they are on stage! Ö

I really want to go to one of there shows if they come to belgium.


Visual kei magazine

This is the Visual Kei magazine that I can buy in the city. The magazine is pretty famous I think. You can search it on youtube.

I searched it and i kn ow a lot more bands now. From “soft” jrock to “hard” brutal visual kei. But also artists like versailles and moi dix mois and munch more..

Hi, This time i’m gonna talk about my favorite bands. It’s also my top 5.

  1. Dir en Grey: Always was, and will always be my favorite band. I like the sound and style. And Kyo does crazy stuff on stage that I like
  2. The GazettE: I like Uruha in this band, He’s my favorite guitarist and he got the looks (No, I’m not gay xD ). I’ve watched several shows of them online.
  3. Lynch: Very nice sound of the guitar, great vocals. I’ve also watched a few shows of them online.
  4. Moi dix mois: Great sound with the keyboard. I like them bacause they got some holy sound in there music. Later, I found out it was the keyboard with the Ooooh-voice. The bands also got great looks.
  5. Exist trace: Good band, and a very talented singer. My first song I heard from the band was Judea. In this song the female singer is grunting

This was my top 5 of japanese bands. I like also others like Maximum the hormone, screw, deathgaze and munch more.

Let’s start!

Let’s start with the first video. This was also my first visual kei song.

Dir en Grey – Zan

Dir en Grey is my favorite artist. I cover them on my guitar and bass.

Hi everyone,

Tis is Wietse (call me waetsu). I’m a big jrock/visual kei fan and this is my page…

I will post something about artists but I will post also things like manga and anime.

In other words: THIS IS A PURE JAPAN SITE!

Enjoy! <(-_-<)